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Form Wash

Automate Cleaning with Form Wash. Parts travel straight from the Form 2 to Form Wash. Opt to go glove-free and keep parts directly on the build platform. Once washing completes, Form Wash automatically lifts parts out of the IPA, voiding over-soaked, warped prints. Parts air dry and are ready when you are.
$980.00 inc GST

Form Cure

Unlock Peak Performance. Form Cure is finely tuned to bring parts to their maximum mechanical properties. Designed to Maximize Material Properties. For Standard Resins, simply use Form Cure’s default time and temperature. For all other materials, use unique recommended settings for optimum performance.
$1,330.00 inc GST

Formlabs Form 2 Resin Tank

Formlabs Resin Tray blocks light and is made from shatter-resistant polycarbonate. It comes with a reusable lid and wiper, making it easy to stack tanks and store resin outside of the machine.
$115.00 inc GST

Formlabs Form 2 Build Platform

A spare Formlabs Build Platform can speed up your workflow, whether you're changing resins or starting a new print while you remove your part.
$165.00 inc GST

Form 2 Castable Resin Resin Cartridge

Castable Resin was designed to capture precise details and smooth surfaces. It burns out cleanly without ash or residue, allowing jewelers and casting houses to go straight from digital design to a 3D print suitable for direct investment casting.
$480.00 inc GST

Form 2 Durable Resin Resin Cartridge

Durable was designed to simulate polypropylene (PP) plastic, with comparable low modulus and high-impact strength. Use this wear-resistant, ductile material when parts require deformation and a smooth, glossy finish.
$279.99 inc GST

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