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Ultimaker Print Table Glass 25.5cm x 23cm

Replacement glass build plate for Ultimaker 2, 2+ and 3 printers. Excludes Ultimaker 2 Go.
$59.90 inc GST

Advance 3D Printing Kit

The Advanced 3D printing Kit features parts and add-ons to ensure that your Ultimaker 2+, Ultimaker 2+ Extended, Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 3 Extended are even more dependable. The items included in the kit reduce downtime and accelerate the success rate even with materials that are notoriously stressful to print.
From $169.90 inc GST

Heated Bed and Cable - Ultimaker 2 & 2+

This is the Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker 2 Extended and Ultimaker Original+ print table heated bed. Includes cable for connection to main-board.
$269.00 inc GST

Ultimaker Extruder Upgrade Kit

The new Extrusion upgrade kit lets you turn your Ultimaker 2 into an Ultimaker 2+ in under an hour. Once done, you’ll have the very latest 3D printing technology at your fingertips. There’s a geared feeder for increased reliability. Swappable nozzles for greater control. And an optimized airflow for smoother prints. It all adds up to make your Ultimaker even smoother, faster and more accurate.
$699.00 inc GST

Ultimaker 3 Extended - 3D Printer

The Ultimaker 3 Extended is a dependable dual extrusion 3D Printer – the best in the market. The Ultimaker 3 Extended allows for better 3D print performance due to its unique auto-nozzle lifting system, swappable print cores and professional build combined with support materials.
$6,600.00 inc GST

Ultimaker 2+ Extended - 3D Printer

The Ultimaker 2+ Extended features a new geared feeder, optimized printer head flow and swappable nozzles. It is designed for reliability and improved performance.
$4,525.00 inc GST